Exhibition at Le Marché Montagnard, Chantemerle, 2016


Solo exhibition at Le Marche Montagnard restaurant, Chantemerle, 2015-6

During my summer exhibition at le Frog in 2015 I met Laurent who runs the Marché Montagnard restaurant in Chantemerle. Laurent has a fine appreciation of “Beaux Arts” because his grandparent’s house was near to Monet’s home in Giverny. He also has great taste in wine and food!

I was delighted when Laurent asked me to show some of my Serre Chevalier watercolours in the new “cozy corner” which he recently furnished on the ground floor of the restaurant. An ideal place to sip aperos and eat some tasty snacks, prepared by Nicole in the kitchen. We were aiming for an informal feel with the display.

The upstairs dining area is a lovely intimate space, so some of the more delicate paintings were placed there. I hope that a few people get inspired by the pictures and that they buy a few prints and postcards during the summer and winter seasons.

MMExpo upstairs

Rustic charm upstairs at Le Marché Montagnard, Chantemerle

So if you are spending time in Chantemerle why not pop into the Marché Montagnard for a drink or a meal?

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