Rencontrees Art et Litterature, Chantemerle, 2014, 2015, 2016

Rencontrees Art et Litterature 2015

Rencontrees Art et Litterature 2015

Serre Che book display copy

My “Serre Che book” and small prints, 2014

I’m always delighted to exhibit my Serre Chevalier paintings and my book at this annual event organised by the Office du Tourisme annd Serre Chevalier Vallee. It’s great to see what other artists, craftspeople and writers have been producing. There are always so many interesting people to talk to on both sides of the table and usually a free lunch too!

Rencontrees Art et litterature other exhibits

Rencontrees Art et Litterature, Chantemerle. A diverse group of artists, artisans and authors…

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