EDK Records : CD avec livret de 12 pages Date de sortie : 25 mai 2020 Production : Gene Clarksville / Stéphane Dambry / Johan Asherton Par Susan Jane Lomas « Passiontide » de Johan Asherton contient dix nouvelles compositions originales, magnifiquement conçues et  jouées, pour votre plus grand plaisir ! Il s’agit du premier [...]

EDK Records : CD with 12-page booklet Release date : 25th May 2020 Produced by Gene Clarksville / Stéphane Dambry / Johan Asherton Reviewed by Susan Jane Lomas ‘Passiontide’ by Johan Asherton contains ten brand new original compositions, skilfully crafted and beautifully played for your listening pleasure. It is Johan’s first solo studio album since 2012’s [...]

I often use photographs as a starting point for my paintings. Certainly during the icy alpine winter this makes good sense! It’s simply too cold to stay still outdoors long enough to make detailed drawings. Normally I prefer to take the photos myself, but in this case it was a good friend of mine who [...]

Located at the foot of La Grande Rue, also known as La Grande Gargouille, this rather gorgeous fountain is one of my favourite features of the old town. It is near the entrance to the Bibliothèque Municipale, which is housed in a building dedicated to Aristide Albert. In the summer of 2016 I just happened [...]

This large monochrome drawing was commissioned by the owner/ director of Briançon Cité Vauban Appartements in November 2017. It all started with a cappuccino at the Patisserie Turin… Followed by a photoshoot in bright sunshine… I was immediately fascinated by the steep walls and stairways. And yes, part of the building was indeed cylindrical, hence [...]

The companion painting to Poppies and Dandelions I. A closer view, with more vivid oranges, vermillions and dark green shadows. It was interesting to work on two paintings of the same subject simultaneously. In this watercolour I was trying to show the structure of the petals and how the sunlight made them translucent in places. [...]

I spotted these gorgeous oriental poppies growing wild near my home in Mas de Blais, Briançon. Their petals were a riot of yellow, orange, scarlet and crimson in the bright morning sunlight. The grey stone wall and delicate dandelions provided a good foil to the poppies’ vivacious colouring. I immediately thought of Georgia O’Keefe’s wonderful [...]

As a massive fan of the late, great Kevin Ayers I was absolutely thrilled to get involved with the artwork for this 7″ single re-release in 2017. I love listening to music on the traditional vinyl format so this collaboration was a dream come true! Many thanks to Rob Caiger, project manager and producer for [...]

With Your Arms Around Me… With your arms around me I no longer feel afraid I smile each time I think about The memories we’ve made. ♥ With your arms around me I no longer cry in pain I wipe away the tears I’ve shed And start to live again. ♥ With your arms around [...]

On my recent family holiday to St Tropez I became fascinated by the shape of these incredible trees. Fortunately there was a fine specimen just opposite our balcony with a fantastic view of some provencal roofs and La Golfe de Saint-Tropez behind it. After a day or so I noticed how the trunks and branches [...]

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