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With Your Arms Around Me… With your arms around me I no longer feel afraid I smile each time I think about The memories we’ve made. ♥ With your arms around me I no longer cry in pain I wipe away the tears I’ve shed And start to live again. ♥ With your arms around [...]

In 2013 I became interested in the life and work of the musician Kevin Ayers, (b. 16th August 1944, d. 18th February 2013). From his early recordings with The Wilde Flowers and Soft Machine in the 1960s up to and including his last album, The Unfairground (2007), Kevin’s unique basso profundo voice and poetic lyrics [...]

‘The History of Serre Chevalier and Briançon’ was published in December 2012 by CreateSpace. It is the first book written in English about the complete history of the Serre Chevalier valley which is located in the southern French Alps. The project required five years of research and three years of writing. This book  is now [...]