Serre Chevalier Paintings

One of the views from the terrasse in my back garden, hence the slightly elevated position. The metal roofs with or without snow-stoppers are characteristic of the Briancon area. This painting was made completely from direct observation in three sessions. It was mid-afternoon towards the end of the summer. No photographs were needed and therefore [...]

This watercolour sketch was influenced by one of Claude Monet’s best loved snow scenes ‘La Pie’ or ‘The Magpie’. My painting was developed from a series of photographs and quick sketches which I made in Le Monetier-les-Bains on February 3rd 2015. I remember the day very well as the conditions were perfect for photography. A [...]

This is my first attempt to capture the ski terrain of Serre Chevalier. For technical reasons (coldness mostly) it’s difficult to work from direct observation outdoors in the winter. So photographs were the reference for this watercolour sketch of my daughter at Serre Ratier. You can see the ski lifts as well as the bars [...]

I started this watercolour in 2010 before the 15th century chapel was restored. I liked the red roses climbing up the trellis, the water trough and carved heads on the window ledge. The Chapelle Saint Jean Baptiste is a very impressive church for a small alpine village. The painting was slightly problematic from the beginning [...]

How lucky was I to find this wonderful house on wash day?! It is situated in the older part of Chantemerle, as you walk from the Eglise Saint Jacques down to the Guisane river. Alpine winters are so sunny that there’s no need for a tumble dryer and people just hang their sheets over the [...]

A real slice of Serre Chevalier history here. The idea came to me in October 2003 when the first snows of winter arrived early, turning the trees into sugar sculptures. A number of local characters found their way into this painting, notably Rick Lomas with skis (!) and also Gary the dog. The blonde lady [...]

As the snow melts on the mountain tops in the springtime the Guisane river swells and thunders through the village of Chantemerle. This painting shows the older part of Chantemerle from the other side of the river ( l’Envers). I really liked the crumbly building perched on the riverside in the foreground. I believe it [...]

There are some very magical places in Serre Chevalier and this is one of them. The Chapelle St Roch was built in 1755 to commemorate victims of the plague.  It is situated in the forest on the north facing side of the valley. There is a path which leads to the chapel from l’Envers du [...]

The Col du Lautaret is a high mountain pass which links the Serre Chevalier valley with the Romanche valley. I have wandered around the Jardin Alpin a number of times with family and friends over the years. Every visit has been delightful and educational. Although it was June when I took the series of photographs [...]

This painting was based on a photo I took very quickly one Sunday morning in springtime. The scene is located near the river Guisane in the older part of Chantemerle. “L’Envers” means “the other side”. The pink building with the trompe-l’oeil decoration is  ‘La maison Milou’ which is divided up into holiday apartments. I can [...]

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