Madeline at Serre Ratier

Madeline at Serre Ratier

Madeline at Serre Ratier. Watercolour sketch, 13 x 19 cm, 2015

This is my first attempt to capture the ski terrain of Serre Chevalier. For technical reasons (coldness mostly) it’s difficult to work from direct observation outdoors in the winter. So photographs were the reference for this watercolour sketch of my daughter at Serre Ratier. You can see the ski lifts as well as the bars and restaurants: Le Troll, the world famous Cafe Soleil, the Chalet Hotel and Relais Ratier – all great places to eat and drink.

The colours and tones are very subtle on this “painted sketch” and the scan doesn’t completely capture the delicate, wispy clouds and snowy contours. However, as a vignette of Alpine life it has its value.

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