Young Woman In A Cornfield, East Anglia,1986. Photograph by K.Boyce

With Your Arms Around Me…

With your arms around me

I no longer feel afraid

I smile each time I think about

The memories we’ve made.

With your arms around me

I no longer cry in pain

I wipe away the tears I’ve shed

And start to live again.

With your arms around me

Through rhyme and note and song,

The distance that’s between us

Has made our friendship strong.

With your arms around me

The world is opened wide

I smile at each new morning

With love and hope inside.

© Susan Jane Lomas 2017

(Inspired by the life and poetry of Elizabeth Siddal, also known as Elizabeth Eleanor Rossetti,  b. 25th July 1829, d. 11th February 1862).


Portrait of Elizabeth Siddal by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Pen and ink, 1855.


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