Poppies and Dandelions II

Poppies and Dandelions II

Poppies and Dandelions II. Watercolour, 20.5 cm x 24 cm, 2017

The companion painting to Poppies and Dandelions I. A closer view, with more vivid oranges, vermillions and dark green shadows. It was interesting to work on two paintings of the same subject simultaneously.

In this watercolour I was trying to show the structure of the petals and how the sunlight made them translucent in places. I applied many wash layers of Permanent Red Light over a base coat of Permanent Lemon Yellow. For the poppy in the foreground I added Madder Lake Deep to achieve the richer almost purple red. A further challenge was allowing the light green stalks of the dandelions to “shine” against the dark background.

I’m very pleased with the way this painting turned out. The image is available as a postcard (1€) or as a folded greetings card with envelope (2€).

The original watercolours ‘Poppies and Dandelions I’ and ‘Poppies and Dandelions II’ are for sale. Price in euros : 150€ each or 280€ for the pair. The paintings are presented in a textured white wood frame, under a white mount. Professionally framed at Le Refuge du Cadre, Briançon.


Poppies and Dandelions I and II. Original watercolours by Susan Lomas. 2017.



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