Photographs of Andalusia, southern Spain


Children playing, Ronda, southern Spain. Susan Lomas, 1985

A hot, sunny afternoon in this Andalusian village which has inspired a number of artists, photographers and writers. I didn’t want to disturb these two youngsters as they opened their new game so I used my zoom lens. I like the simplicity of the white building and the range of tones in this timeless scene…


Veiled women, Ronda, southern Spain. Susan Lomas, 1985

It is an indication of my ignorance and naivety in 1985 that the sight of these two ladies in their heavy burkas surprised me. I hadn’t realised that there was such an Islamic influence, past and present, in southern Spain. Or that we were so near northern Africa! The furthest south I had been before this Spanish trip was Rome. By the time I had visited Cordoba, Granada and Seville I was somewhat more enlightened.


Seville Alcazar, detail of a decorative pillar. Susan Lomas,1985

This pillar decoration has always puzzled me. I thought that in Islamic decoration human or animal forms were not allowed. Perhaps a Christian stone carver sneakily added the hand at the base of the decorations? Or maybe it’s an example of compomise between the two faiths…

Sevilla AlcazarDetailB&W

Sevilla Alcazar, Moorish architecture (archway). Susan Lomas, 1985

Breathtaking intricacy…

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