Rue du Centre, Chantemerle

Rue du Centre, Chantemerle

Rue du Centre, Chantemerle. Watercolour, 13 x 19cm, 2003

This painting has a special place in my heart. The paved area is the patio garden of the former Hotel le Yeti, scene of many parties and concerts until it was demolished around 2007. They chopped down the willow trees too. On sunny days there was no better place to gather for a beer and a chat in the sunshine. I used several photos to achieve the final composition.

The blue building is the Outland Shop where you can buy or hire a wide range of equipment for mountain sports. If you look carefully you can see two figures, myself and my husband Rick, standing in front of the shop. It’s a homage to the Flemish artist Jan Van Eyck. The lovely old dog, Nikki, belonged to our Danish friends, Kim and Runa. I really enjoyed painting the dandelion in the foreground!

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