No Parking! St Chaffrey

No Parking! St Chaffrey

No Parking! St Chaffrey. Watercolour 13 x19 cm, 2003

One morning, on the way to work, I spotted this classic Renault 4 covered in snow which was just starting to melt. The “No Parking” sign on the garage seemed rather ironic. I quickly took some photographs and used them to develop quite a technically challenging watercolour. I really like the contrast of the dark blue/greens with the golden apricot colour of the house in the background. Around this time an artistic friend had described my paintings as “quite feminine” so I decided to inject a hint of “masculinity” into my oeuvre with the car!

The original painting was sold to an art collector in 2015 and the image remains popular as notecards and prints.

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