Briançon Vieille Ville


Briancon Vieille Ville, watercolour, 24 x 32 cm, 2017

A slightly experimental watercolour, where I left parts of the paper untouched. The composition is adapted from a photograph that I took one early autumn afternoon. I am always on the look out for unusual views of familiar places. This landscape of Briançon “old town” with the Fort des Tetes in the middle distance was taken from the Porte d’Embrun car park.

Many local artists have been seduced by the colourful houses with their curious stairwells and balconies. I feel that there’s an Italian flavour to the scene, unsurprising as Briançon is only 15 minutes drive from the border with Piemonte and Italy.

I often photograph or scan my work as it progresses to see it afresh. In this case I thought that the painting was finished in the state above, but I later added some further details on the balconies. (See below)


Briancon Vieille Ville (detail) showing the finished balconies, with railings

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