Johan Asherton, songwriter


Johan Asherton, songwriter. Pencil crayon on Canson paper, 21 cm x 24 cm. May 2016.

Johan Asherton is a musician and songwriter from Paris, with a really deep bass-baritone voice. We became friends and pen-pals after he admired my book about Kevin Ayers. I’ve photographed Johan and his musician friends a number of times but I always wanted to portray him in a pencil or painted portrait too. Et voila! I had to go all the way to Bilbao to capture the perfect pose.

This drawing is based on a photograph which I took during Johan’s performance at the Collegio del Abogados in Bilbao. However I lightened the tones on the face slightly. Johan’s expression shows him listening as well as playing, which I like very much. The guitar is a Gibson J200 semi-acoustic.


Terry Brisack (left) and Johan Asherton (right) in Bilbao, May 4th 2016.

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