Reclining nude

Reclining nude, 1983

Reclining nude, 1983

This charcoal drawing was made in the celebrated “Life Room” on the ground floor of Norwich School of Art. The building is situated in George Street, on the banks of the river Wensum. Fanny, the model, kept this demanding pose for hours on end… a true professional. I really enjoyed the tuition I received from two outstanding artists/ tutors aka “The Two Johns”, John Lessore and John Wonnacott.

Unfortunately in the mid’ 80s the powers that be decided that figurative drawing was “dead” and The Two Johns were dismissed in 1986. I happily include below John Wonnacott’s painting of “The Norwich School of Art” 1982-4 which he was working on in the corner of the life room while we were drawing and painting from the model. It was acquired by the Tate Gallery in 1984 so I think John had the last laugh there!

The Norwich School of Art ©1982-4 by John Wonnacott

The Norwich School of Art by John Wonnacott © 1982-4. Oil on canvas, 194 cm x 265 cm approx.

In a moment of poetic prophecy you can see Wonnacott steering John Lessore, in his wheelchair, away from the Art School building. Other personalities in the painting include painter Ed Middleditch, Head of Fine Art, shown in the foreground wearing a black pullover and Lynda Morris (Checketts), Art historian, to the far right, in a grey suit.

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